So happy it's Sunday! Every day at school from now until the 20th my students will be in a holiday frenzy of sorts. My job is to get some learning done while tempering the frenzy, not easily accomplished. But that's what I get paid the big bucks for, right?
Over vacation, I'd like to write on my novel and possibly begin my new one, wouldn't that be heaven? I'd also like to work on Punkin and Powder with Jordan. There will be lots to do but more importantly I need to make meditation time outdoors. I can bring my work with me.
I just realized I'm making my post like a diary but that isn't the goal. The goal is to discuss things I've learned and possibly my writing.
I'm learning the East Coast Swing at Stagecoach which is a fun dance and hopefully I'll do a lot of that later today. As with meditation, dancing takes focus. The more focused I am, the lighter and tighter my step. It involves the use of my whole body and that means I need to be aware of my whole body and move it accordingly. It can be really intricate and when I get it just right it's thrilling. It truly is all about the dance. Last Tuesday I danced the East Coast with a guy who knew this one step that totally made it magic! He is a super dancer! I'd like to be super dancer. I need to do it within the next five years as I can feel my stamina waning as I age. Although I hope to keep that in check by maintaining a regimen of meditation.
Anyway, in order to keep energy from waning a jhana meditation is necessary. Jhana meditation sets in after sitting for ten to twenty minutes. It begins with a feeling of lightness.