I would like to say thank you to my son, David, for this blog! Yes, I now have the ability to blog to my website. I am grateful.

All of my blogs will be linked to writing in some way or other. It is my hope to make 2016 a year of growth in the craft of writing for myself and hopefully others. 

I have been seeking out an agent. it doesn't matter if he or she is located in NY or CA. I just want someone who will represent my work with enthusiasm. It's been a task researching agents and submitting everything from the story to a query to a synopsis. I won't stop, however, and I won't settle until I find someone perfect for me and my work.  

I have to submitted to agents exclusively either for a month or two. It sounds as if it's been an exhaustive search but really just about three serious submissions. So far a serious lack of interest! But I am ever optimistic!

Also, I have begun a new story, tentatively titled: Jimmy Ruth. Very happy once again with my writing process. I truly love the act of writing. It's full of meaning and growth and fun. I write this blog from one place in my brain. My prose brain. But my creative writing comes from another part that is free unencumbered by restraint. I don't know how I am lucky enough to have this niche of creativity tucked away in my brain and accessible whenever I call upon it, but there it is! I am very grateful for it.

I teach ESL students who have grown to despise writing and I don't blame them. This left-brained writing is all about thesis statements, and topic sentences, and grammar, and logic. Ugh! It is nothing like the right-sided brain filled with fun, freedom, creativity, imagination. Yes, one needs those left-sided aspects to edit but before the edit is the brillance. And I am sorry that my students do not know this and that my hands are tied.