Hello, this is Christine’s son, David, I am currently in the process of updating my mother’s website. Suggestions or criticisms are welcome, if you have an idea which would make this site easier to navigate or add to the user experience, please feel free to contact me directly. David Ford.

Christine’s newest book, co-authored with Trish Holland, The Navy’s Night Before Christmas is now available in bookstores and online through Amazon.com or any of the other major retailers. Right now, my mother is teaching in Yangju, South Korea, however her intent is to return to Texas at the end of the year to open a thrift shoppe where she can settle into; selling her artwork and other wares. I am excited about her next chapter in life as I am her biggest fan and very proud of her accomplishments. I must say, I was very concerned when she decided to go to Korea, it seems I have to remind myself that she is a very capable, likable, and intelligent, woman. Sometimes, I regretfully do not give her the credit she deserves; I want to protect her from all the evil of the world. She is an amazing woman with a heart of gold and would do anything for her family and friends. If you’re ever in Texas I hope you would stop by her shoppe. Bring one of her books and I’m sure she would be more than happy to autograph it as well :).

I will be instituting a commenting system into this site so people will be able to leave comments and feedback to her journal articles as they see fit. Look for it soon!

Until next time, Namesté.